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Instant Toon turns the world around you into a work of art, instantly! Choose from a wide range of artistic styles, such as cartoon, sketch and watercolor, and watch as the real-time camera transforms everything into art.

More than 18 artistic styles to choose from.

Transform your photo into a watercolor painting, a rough sketch or an ink drawing with a single touch.

Transform your photo into art

Change the palette of your artwork.

Get creative by changing the colors of your art. There are more than 20 color filters to play with.

Turn your photos into a cool artwork

Give an extra depth to your creation.

Add realistic textures to your work to look like it was painted on canvas, stone or wood.

Real-time Art Filters

Fine-tune, tweak and adjust

Get the right look by adjusting several advanced controls such as sensitivity, outline thickness, sharpness, etc.

Cartoon Camera for iOS

Save your work of art as an image, a video, a GIF or a Live Photo.

Create GIFs and videos that show the transition from the original photo to the final artwork. It is also possible to create cool animations using animated textures.

Cartoon & Art Filters

Export the result in different resolutions

Choose from three different resolutions to save your final art: SD, HD or Ful HD

Sketch Camera Effect

Cartoon yourself!

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